Personal Message from Sheriff
Charles A. “Chuck” Jenkins
“The People’s Sheriff”

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as YOUR Sheriff since 2006. Frederick County is my lifelong home, the home to generations of the Jenkins family, and the home to many of my friends, makes my service as your Sheriff especially rewarding. Over my career as a Deputy Sheriff and 15 years as your Sheriff, this agency has become a premier and nationally recognized law enforcement and corrections agency serving more than 272,000 residents in Maryland’s largest land mass county.

The role of Sheriff is to enforce the laws, remove criminals from our streets, safeguard the rights and liberties of the individual, and make every effort to protect the lives, homes, and properties of every citizen. That’s exactly what I stand for.  I’m seeking re-election to a fifth term as your Sheriff for many reasons. The most important is to continue making the policy and operational decisions that best serve public safety and uphold the law in Frederick County.

I proudly stand on the fact that people know me as a “law and order Sheriff” and that I will not back down on my beliefs as to what it takes maintain law and order in our county.  We live in a society with laws that have to be enforced and we have to hold criminals accountable and justly punish them for the crimes they commit. My staunch positions on illegal immigration, open borders, enforcement of our immigration laws in regard to crime and public safety, and the removal of criminal aliens is nationally recognized.

Every day in this county the public approaches me everywhere I go and ask and strongly urge me to run again in the 2022 general election. They ask me to continue to keep this county the great place to live as it has always been. As Sheriff, I have always made every effort to safeguard and when necessary fight for the constitutional rights and liberties of every person. This has been particularly true during the ongoing COVID pandemic, my hardened stance on the continuation of the School Resource Officer program, and in standing up for the individual rights of self-protection and legal gun ownership.

I still have the energy, commitment, focus, and drive to lead this outstanding agency forward at a time when we need experience and tenacity the most. I’m convinced that one thing is certain, there is no elected official closer to the people than the Sheriff. I’ve demonstrated that by my ability to remain available and accessible to everyone in this county. Take time to browse my website to view the accomplishments of this agency, during my tenure as Sheriff, and other interesting information.

Once more, I’m asking for your support and vote on November 8, 2022 to continue serving as “The People’s Sheriff”.


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Without the hard work of the sheriff’s department, it is scary to imagine where we might be.